New book about Vaadin 8: Data-Centric Applications with Vaadin 8

I'm glad to announce that my second book about Vaadin has been published!

Due to Packt Publishing's guidelines, the space I had for acknowledgments was limited to 500 characters. However, I'd like to share the original draft I wrote for this section:

​I'd like to thank the entire team from Packt Publishing; thanks for your support and patience throughout the writing process. Thanks to all the technical reviewers and proofreaders for providing me with valuable feedback from which I have learned a lot. A special thanks to the Vaadin team and its community for producing a terrific open-source web framework and knowledge base with tons of articles and useful resources. I hope this book reciprocally contributes back to the community.

I'd like to single out Joonas Lehtinen, Sami Ekblad, Matti Tahvonen, Marcus Hellberg, and Fredrik Rönnlund, who in one way or another influenced or motivated this book. In addition, many others provided help and motivation throughout the writing process. Specifically, and in no particular order, I'd like to thank Nicole Mattsson, Jet Dario, Noomi Ylä-Lahti, Dora Quintero, Saara Nevala, Marcelo Duarte, Guillermo Alvarez, Goran Atanasovski, Johannes Häyry, Anna Emelyanova, Kari Söderholm, Paul Römer, Ville Ingman, Amahdy Abdelaziz, Sven Ruppert, Eero Mäkelä, Artem Godin, Jan Rucidlo, Julia Toivonen, Ömer Tümer, Binh Bui, Mikko Inkinen, Shridhar Deshmukh, Frederik Raulf, and all my colleagues at Vaadin Ltd.

Thanks to my parents and siblings for being supportive and helpful throughout my life; I genuinely enjoyed writing part of this book with your company. As Shakespeare wrote in King Lear, in this list you are "although the last, not least".
April 23, 2018


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