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Alejandro Duarte is a Software Engineer, published author, technical reviewer, award winner, and Developer Advocate at MariaDB. Alejandro learned how to program using the BASIC programming language at age 13. He graduated in Computer Science from the National University of Colombia and has worked on numerous software development projects in several countries. He became one of the well-known faces in Java communities, having published articles and videos with hundreds of thousands of views in multiple content portals. He often presents technical topics at international Java conferences and Java User Groups.

His professional interests gravitate toward DevRel practices and strategies, open-source software projects, API adoption, online community growth, reusable software components, microservices, web applications, and video game development. His favorite programming languages are Java, C++, and SQL. Alejandro splits his free time between his family, friends, a Nikon DSLR, and a couple of electric guitars. You can follow him on Twitter @alejandro_du, on LinkedIn, or contact him through this website.


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May 05, 2020


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